This is the first game in a little series I'm working on to test Minimal Viable Product Milestones before I begin my dream project. Hence the name, Antecedent. This first game is called Vanilla because it is a very basic  RPG. Very basic plot, controls, gameplay and puzzles. 

*** Use the options menu on the main menu to tweak controls.

*** PageUp is default Attack. PageDown is default Potion.

Join [Enter hero name here] on a quest to find the Orb of Enlightenment, an object that moves the plot forward. But when he finds it, he may find more than he bargained for.

MVP Milestones: 

  • Movement
  • Random and iterated dialogue
  • Shop
  • Active Battle System
  • Key progression
  • Boss Fight
  • Save feature
  • HUD menu

Known Bugs:

  • Using Potion may kick you over collision barriers onto walls. 
    • There are holes in the top level of the dungeon that will drop you down to the main level.
  • Occasionally the boss fight won't register. 
    • Go back down and re-enter the map to refresh boss fight.


Development log


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