1GAM: December

Made for: JingleFest 2018 Jam

It's a quest based game. Do good deeds to get on the Nice List.

Disclaimer: Though this game is intended for all audiences, the story contains bullying, minor violence, and questions the existence of "The Big Man" (But there is a happy ending!!)

Honestly, it's a miracle I actually finished this game. I had a month to complete a massive project and I was so busy this month. I started a new job, I have a puppy that won't give me 10 minutes to myself, I have had Christmas parties and ugly sweaters to make. It's Christmas Eve Eve, I have family coming over for Christmas and I haven't gone food shopping yet. I haven't cleaned my house. I haven't even baked one cookie. I don't think I even showered today.

I know there are some things incomplete in this project. I never finished drawing trees, and honestly, I probably won't. I didn't even complete a play through before posting it.

There was SO MUCH I wanted to add to this project that had to be cut due to time constraints, but I did it! I made 12 games in 12 months! I am going to take a couple days off, enjoy Christmas, and start planning some serious projects for 2019! 


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I forgot to mention in my other comment, but I am running another jam starting January First called Windows Jam.

You do not have to join, but you can if you'd like.

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This is a nice little game. I enjoyed it. Sorry that you did not get to finish it, I understand that, once December hits, everything is a rush. I hope you will join the Jinglefest jam next year! Thank you for participating in this year's jam!

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